Flowers on a branches

My friend Rachel gave me this awesome idea for paper flowers. Apparently, they have been huge for a while, I must just be behind on the times. Haha! Anyway, these paper flowers sounded amazing so I went home and started figuring out how I could make paper flower creations of my very own!


This is where I learned to make these easy and beautiful flowers. Obviously there are a million different types of paper flowers out there, but these were just the ones I found that would work best for what I was going for…

The first flower was an epic fail, as I soaked it under the sink instead of spraying it to give the texture. But after you get the hang of one, the rest are cake!!






The fun thing about knowing how to make these, is that you can make all sorts of different types of decor with these lil’ beauties. I was thinking about doing a baby mobile, maybe glueing some around a cheap mirror to frame it, etc… I ended up getting the idea to go a bit rustic for my first paper flower creation. So, I sent my hubby out to get a cool branch from the cherry tree in our yard. I started playing around with the placement of the flowers, and also bejeweling some of the smaller branches with my blingy brads. With the help of my trusty glue gun, I came up with this final product!


And, it’s as easy as that! I can’t wait to see what else I can come up with using these. They are addicting to make and a great outlet for me! Think I’ll head to hobby lobby to grab some different colored card stock today!
Hope this inspired you to create! Have a beautiful weekend. šŸ’—


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